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Heather, I am so glad I found you on youtube and then your website. I love what you do and wish you could post something every day! I have a question about the rice and peas dish. Can brown rice ever be used? I've never tried it but want to. BTW, my family has no Caribbean roots and I am straight outta Detroit, but even I know you don't say rice and beans and call it Jamaican - lol. Thanks so much!

Heather Johnston

Thanks for the kind words. I have never tried brown rice in this dish, but am intrigued by the idea. The challenge will be to cook the rice enough without over cooking the peas. You might try cooking the peas less before adding the rice. Also you may have to adjust the amount of water, as I believe brown rice may need more. Let me know how it goes, and if I try it, I'll post it as well. Good luck.


Thanks for this! We've tried cooking Rice and Peas a couple of times since a visit to Jamaica a couple of years ago. I just tried it again now.

What are your thoughts on the consistency of this dish? Should it be "light and fluffy" or fairly gluggy? I've been trying for light and fluffy but it always seems stickier than I think it should be!



Whilst this may seem rather noveau, I use my rice cooker for perfect rice and peas. I don't like to watch pot so I am happy to give up the duty to my rice cooker.

Rice and Peas should be fairly fluffy. One of the keys, however, is to wash your rice and remove the starch (3 or 4 washes should do it). Also, when using the coconut milk, especially in the rice cooker, count it as part of your liquids for the dish.

Happy eating y'all.

Kathy Johnson

I'd like to ask westindya how exactly she prepares her rice and peas in the rice cooker. I've been looking everywhere on the net for a simple recipe that involves canned red beans and canned coconut milk. I just want something quick to through in the rice cooker after work.


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