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Great post! Living in a more northern region means that we are always several months behind in terms of produce available when compared to California. I started a new habit(not one I am going to break)of visiting a local farmer's market. I can't help but buy too much! My family eats healthy fresh produce for days in dishes I create.


It is a wonderful habit, I agree. I buy a lot, too. My favorite purchase this week was a bunch of beautiful red onions, stems attached. Fantastic. Thanks for reading, best Heather

A. Maxwell Townsend

You have tuned in to my own theory that California has the best food anywhere on the planet. The huge amount of produce and the growing season are a big part of it, but there's more.
For one, there's about a dozen large ethnic enclaves that each bring their own unique take on the local ingredients. Second, There are a lot of conspicuous consumers out here. They support really high-end restaurants, which encourages more high-end restaurants to open, which drives the prices at all the restaurants down, which forces low-end restaurants to improve their quality to compete with the cheap fancy places. I live in Orange County and eat like a king at several different restaurants in every city with drinks for less than $50.


My mouth waters at the thought of the variety and quality. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Best, Heather

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