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I find this all very icky. Bloggers, especially local ones, are part of a community and should act as such. Giving Louise and others a public lashing was just wrong. But kudos to Brownstoner and AY....they got the results they wanted. Tons of snarky comments.

Here's how I feel about the Blogfest, which I've now gone to 3 years in a row. I get to meet fellow bloggers, new and old. It's nice to receive acknowledgment from bigger blogs and as a "seasoned" blogger myself, I love to be able to advise those just starting out.

That's what it's all about. Spike Lee or not.

It was great meeting you, Heather!


rh: what I find a little icky is bloggers not having a voice at their own festival, to be given the chance to debate and question. That is what blogfest used to be about. you were at previous events -- remember how they used to be more inclusive? Did you ever hear Bob Guskind talk?

Norman Oder

RH, you can speculate about my motivations, but I think my reflection on the episode provides some more insight:

And here's some respectful dialogue with Heather of So Good:

The food was good in Brooklyn even before it became hip. I remember the ethnic sections where you could get all sorts of treats (and way cheaper). I guess it just gets better and better.


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