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I have to confess that you are an inspiration! As per your high recommendation i watched julie and julia and all the while i was thinking of you. I could empathize julie, in all her emotions and hard work and following the recipe to the zee because that is how i try to cook certain recipes that you blog and many times since I work as an expatriate, as a bachelor its not possible to get many ingredients and gadgets that you use. For me being an Indian cooking western/continental is as challenging as making that perfect beef stew. However i have promised myself that am gonna make all the possible things when am in India and very first thing by investing in an oven! Again let me congratulate you for your awesome work and for your way of presentation which is so personal and sincere. Keep up the good work!
Suggestion: can we have bloopers am sure u dont have many to share becos u seem to be so perfect with what you do.
Cyril( by the way hope u knw me i have commented couple of times and was fortunate to get replies from you am the same guy who tried cooking baked potato in microwave oven to get a starchy potato and who suggested adding cilantro or spinach to your potato)


Hi Cyril,

Nice to hear from you.Very sweet comment. I don't really have bloopers, we are pretty economical in our shooting, but trust me, I've made plenty of mistakes while cooking. I was once making brownies for an event with about 50 people. As I was putting the trays in the oven, I realized I forgot to add SUGAR! I quickly pulled them out of a very hot oven, dumped the batter in a bowl added sugar (not the best technique) and threw them back in the oven. In my haste I got a wicked burn on my forearm that left a scar that looks far more like a knife wound than cooking accident. At least it makes me look tough! And the brownies came out fine. I'm very curious about Indian food. I love it, but never cook it. Thanks again. Best, Heather



Tomato Toasts

You are totally my inspiration. I'm not much interested in cooking. But everytime i read your blog,i give it a try. I've done great so far. Thanks for the information..

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